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Sensitive Handling Of Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence has both criminal and family law implications. At Miller & Audino, LLP, our lawyers have more than 50 years of experience helping individuals in Greenville and throughout North Carolina who are navigating the family law effects of domestic violence.

We are committed to tenaciously helping our clients fully understand the full scope of their situation and how they can make smart decisions that will ultimately protect themselves and their future. We understand how emotionally complex and overwhelming these situations can be, and we are dedicated to giving you the personalized, compassionate attention you deserve, so you can pursue the best future possible for yourself and for your children. Your rights and safety are our top priority, and we will work tenaciously to protect both.

Compassionate Representation For Victims

In many cases, when we work with the victims of domestic abuse, they have decided to take control of their lives and end their relationships with their partners. We help them file for protective orders, no-contact orders and civil restraining orders as needed. Our first priority is to ensure that you are safe as we help you navigate the separation and divorce process.

Defending Against Accusations

When representing the accused, we work quickly and efficiently as we examine the facts associated with his or her charge. Our lawyers will investigate the charges that were brought against you as we help you work through your divorce or separation. A protective order of any kind can have a severe impact on your ability to be in your home or see your children. Your job and where you live in the future could also be negatively affected.

Contact Miller & Audino, LLP, For More Information

To learn more about how our domestic violence attorneys can help you, email us or call us at 252-493-6138 or toll free at 866-410-9923.