Child Custody Lawyers

No one suffers more during the divorce process than children. Like their parents, their lives are about to change forever. Unlike their parents, children do not always understand why this is happening or how it will affect their relationships with their parents. Child custody was designed to answer these questions in a way that supports the best interests of the child.

Due to the fact that our relationships with our children can be more complex than words can describe, it is common for each parent to worry about the future of this relationship as they work towards achieving a custody arrangement, whether resolved by agreement of the parents or by an order of the court, beneficial to themselves and their children. At Miller & Audino, LLP, our lawyers have more than 40 years of experience soothing this worry as we help parents in Pitt County and surrounding communities as they develop a custody agreement.

In North Carolina and across the country, child custody is broken into two designations:

  • Legal — decision-making rights
  • Physical — where the child will live

Depending on what is right for your child, a judge may rule in favor of shared custody, joint custody or sole custody. One parent may be considered the primary caregiver while the other as secondary. Designations aside, we are ultimately focused on obtaining a custodial arrangement, be it by agreement or court order, that supports the development of your child, protects your interests as a parent, and aids your child in maintaining close, healthy, and proportionate contact with each parent.

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