In a domestic case, all decisions are made by a judge. Judges are human and they are not incapable of making mistakes or overlooking key pieces of evidence in a family law case. Thankfully, when this occurs, you have the option to appeal a family law ruling.

At Miller & Audino, LLP, we are highly qualified to help you figure out if you have the option to appeal available to you. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of experience helping North Carolina individuals navigate appellate law, which is a very fact-specific, document-laden, and legally intensive process. We will determine if:

  • The law was handled properly
  • The right facts were considered by the judge

  • Your former spouse or his or her lawyer committed an improper act during trial

Family law appeals can apply to rulings associated with:

If you feel your ruling was made according to an improper set of facts or actions, do not hesitate to call our firm. We will examine your case closely and give you the straightforward answers you deserve so you can plan accordingly.

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