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The issues an individual faces when navigating the broad landscape of family law can be more financially overwhelming and emotionally draining than imagined. The lawyer you choose during this complex time can be the difference between a supported future and an uncertain one.

At Miller & Audino, LLP, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience working tenaciously with a variety of families in Pitt County and surrounding communities as they navigate the complexities associated with family law. We approach each client with care and compassion, while providing him or her with the professional, cost-effective representation he or she needs. We are prepared to handle your case with the determination and diligence it takes to get you the results you deserve.


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Comprehensive Representation In North Carolina

Our clients often come to us during the most emotionally distraught times in their lives. Whether you are unmarried, newly married or have been married for decades, we are prepared to help you navigate whatever family law needs you may have. We maintain a level of accessibility that allows our clients to feel comfortable contacting us as they need to share very personal information with us.

With You Every Step Of The Way

Our work does not end after we determine the best plan for your current situation. We formulate a case that holistically serves your short- and long-term goals. We empower our clients with the information they need to make educated choices about the issues they are facing. We work diligently for you and your interests in the office and in court from document preparation to settlement negations and trials. No two family law issues are exactly alike and we are determined to serve you in a way that meets your specific needs, regardless of their complexity.